Brokers, Are You Recommending Value-Based Telemedicine?

March 31, 2016

Will Rumsey

As a broker, you care about numbers––costs, savings, and the ROI you provide for your clients. But there’s another side of the coin you need to pay attention to: client service.

Client service matters. It’s about the attention and respect you show your partners while providing them with top-notch benefits and cutting- industry knowledge.

Here’s what you need to know to provide excellent client service in today’s healthcare industry:

Utilization Is Critical for Telemedicine Companies

The real cost savings from a telemedicine benefit comes from utilization. Utilization is driven by engagement. Without high levels of engagement, your telemedicine benefit won’t provide the value that it should. Engagement can only be driven by a comprehensive communication strategy to your employees executed by your telemedicine company on how, when and why to use the telemedicine benefit.

However, executing this engagement plan can be complicated and time consuming for a broker, or HR department, to undertake. The easier the process is for your clients to onboard and engage their employees, the more they save each year!

Your clients will appreciate turnkey onboarding, fully customized and executed engagement campaigns, and measurable results.

Your telemedicine company should make clients happy and their employees thrilled to have such a great benefit––through great service that drives utilization. Telemedicine is a small part of the total benefits package, but it is the only benefit that can drive real savings in healthcare costs.

Customized Engagement + Reporting on Results + Quality Patient Interactions = Excellent Client Service

Telemedicine that Drives Value

First Stop Health’s telemedicine helps avoid more than $95,000 of costs on average for companies of 1,000 employees via avoided visits to in-person physicians, urgent care centers and ERs.

But if you’re already providing a telemedicine benefit, and utilization under 30%, you are not extracting the value that you could be and are likely losing money on your investment or barely breaking even.

Telemedicine should drive savings––not simply hope to save a claim here and there.  

By providing great service with a consumer-focused vision, employees enjoy the First Stop Health experience and employers reap the benefit of savings. Quality telemedicine = engagement, good experiences and utilization that will drive happy employees and employers.

The more employees who avoid doctor visits with telemedicine, the more money stays in the employer's pockets.

Originally published Mar 31, 2016 12:00:00 PM.