Five simple breakfasts to wake up your metabolism

December 27, 2012

Roger E. Adams

Do you rush out the door in the morning without giving breakfast a second thought? Skipping breakfast programs your body to burn less calories the rest of the day. Your metabolism will slow down when skipping meals, especially breakfast.

During sleep your metabolism naturally slows down as part of the rest, recovery, and restorative sleep process your body needs. However, it does not really pick up again until you have consumed some quality food. Delaying the time you eat breakfast, or skipping it altogether, only increases the time your metabolism is at a slower rate. In order to wake up your metabolism, you must give it the fuel it needs.

A simple combination of higher-fiber carbohydrates and quality protein will wake your metabolism up quickly and give it sustained fuel to power you through your morning. Here are some quick and easy examples of breakfasts that will get your day started off the right way:

  • High-fiber cereal with Greek yogurt - Add half a cup of high-fiber cereal to your favorite flavor of yogurt for a simple and tasty metabolic boost.
  • Apple with peanut butter - Who doesn't like this combination? Slice up an apple and spread up to a tablespoon of peanut butter on it and you will be on your way to work in no time while still giving your body the calories it needs to conquer the day.
  • Oatmeal with almonds - Oatmeal has one of the best combinations of simple and complex carbohydrates to wake up your metabolism and keep you satisfied for several hours. Toss in a few almonds and now you have added protein and healthy fats to rev up your body's engine as you race to work.
  • Egg sandwich on whole-grain English muffin - Don't fall prey to the convenience of fast food drive-throughs for your morning meal. Cook a few eggs the night before, add to whole-grain English muffins, and keep in the freezer. Toss it in the microwave in the morning as you check your email and viola, you now have a great combination of energy-producing carbs and metabolic boosting protein without waiting in line.
  • Banana protein smoothie - If you don't have time for a smoothie, then you really need a better schedule. Combine a cup of skim milk, your favorite protein powder, and a frozen banana in a blender and you can drink this while you drive to work. No loss of productivity "“ only gains in calorie burning!

By incorporating these simple breakfasts into your morning routine you ensure your metabolism is wide awake, even if you aren't!

Dr. Adams is a weight loss and fitness expert and doctor of nutrition. He owns eatrightfitness ®, an evidence-based counseling practice focused on: weight loss, disease prevention, and sports nutrition.

Originally published Dec 27, 2012 10:00:10 AM.