29 Statistics You Need To Know About Healthcare & Telemedicine

The Telehealth Market: Size, Penetration & Potential Employer Cost Savings     

  1. Addressable Market: The total addressable market for non-acute telemedicine visits in the United States is estimated at 400+ million, approximately one-third of the...
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What Does The Millennial Generation Want In Employee Benefits?

Last year, Millennials (adults aged 18 to 34 in 2016) officially became the largest generation in the U.S. workforce.  Study after study confirms that the tech savvy Millennial generation values high-quality telehealth options.  According to one...

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How Telemedicine Improves Employee Productivity

In the modern work-place there are few absolutes. But, here’s one: A sick employee is a less productive employee.

As the founder and CEO of several businesses, I know the value of an employee who is healthy and operating at peak productivity....

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How Telemedicine is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine is rapidly creating a fundamental transformation in how healthcare is delivered throughout the nation. In an earlier post, we discussed the exploding range of services that are enabled by telemedicine. In this post, we provide a...

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Why I Love Working For One of the Best Telemedicine Companies

When I meet someone new, the conversation frequently includes the question, "What do you do for a living?" Many people shrug, provide a vague answer, and change the subject.  Not me. My friends and colleagues know me as a generally enthusiastic...

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What is Telemedicine? [Glossary of Terms]

One of the frequent buzz words in healthcare discussions today is telemedicine. Indeed, telemedicine is generally recognized as one of the rare innovations that enhances the quality of available healthcare, while reducing costs.


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5 Reasons Employees Don’t Use Their Wellness Benefits

In today’s ultra-competitive economy, all firms want the greatest impact for every dollar spent.  In the employee benefits arena, companies are asking brokers and consultants for ideas where added spending will increase their competitive position by...

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How Employers Can Reduce Stress For Working Parents

In recent years, the stress confronting employees has become a major concern for corporate leaders. When employers can reduce stress, their workforce is happier and healthier-- and this is especially true of working parents. Indeed, a Towers Watson...

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Dave Guttman Shares Telemedicine Insights on the Reconstructing Healthcare Podcast

First Stop Health President Dave Guttman was recently a guest on the podcast Reconstructing Healthcare - a show where they discuss what's wrong with healthcare and talk with innovative companies who are providing innovative services and solutions ...

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