On the launch stage at the 6th annual Health 2.0

On the Launch Stage at the 6th Annual Health2.0

Healthcare is at a strategic inflection point. Almost everything in our lives has undergone huge changes in the past few years. The automotive, banking, mortgage, airline business to mention a few have all been recalibrated. Now it's healthcares turn and that is why we are here.

The old meeting the new was very evident at the 6th Annual Health 2.0 Conference, Oct. 7-10, 2012 conference that celebrates health tech innovation. First Stop Health was there and for two and a half days we heard about 150 new products and new companies in a stream of simultaneous demonstrations, code a thons, workshops, presentations and interviews.

The conference was a non-stop drink from a fire hose. We saw a host of new personal trackers demonstrated, funding strategies for new start-ups; tools and services that make it easier to connect hospitals to technology; analytics tools for tracking real time data streams; tools for workflow and collaboration; physicians search tools; tools for noninvasive diagnosis and an interesting session on something called unmentionable those topics that are seldom talked about in healthcare.

And there was much more. It really was a non-stop show and tell event where there was always something going on.

First Stop Health was there and in the middle of all this. We were one of the new companies on the Launch Stage. There we introduced our "disruptive" innovation to the world.

First Stop Health presented a decidedly low tech solution when compared to many of the other attendees. We meet some fundamental needs in a new way. Take for example the ability to connect to a doctor from anywhere in 3-5 minutes. How about looking up a condition and then being linked to a credible article on the subject? Yes, I know this already exists but the difference with First Stop Health is that instead of reading the symptoms and learning that you may die in 6 more click, with us you can easily talk to a doctor about it. Routing your call to one of 500 docs sounds simple and it's not sexy but that's what we do.

When the technology is baked into a service and solves a basic need in an elegant way that adds to the inflection point. And so First Stop Health has launched from the big stage and in a simple way we are part of the disruption doing things in a new and elegant way. Thank you Health 2.0 for the opportunity and the B2B welcome. Now it is time to focus on the consumers that need online guides to solve healthcare challenges. If you have not had the chance to do so, check out First Stop Health.