Brokers: Your Clients Should See Immediate Savings From Telemedicine

March 10, 2016

First Stop Health

No –– we’re not exaggerating with that title. Telemedicine can immediately start saving unnecessary costs for your clients. Their ability to implement off-cycle means savings begins whenever they start.

Our customized telemedicine engagement plan helps to drive utilization the highest utilization in the industry and allows us to guarantee that you will save more on avoided costs than you will spend on our service each year. This all starts the first day your clients signs on with First Stop Health Telemedicine benefits!

Our key to saving? It’s all in the implementation and ease of use our service provides. We don’t just send out a brochure or whitepaper and leave their employees in the dust, *hoping* they understand and utilize telemedicine. We work with your client to ensure the telemedicine benefit is constantly driving savings.

Here’s how we do it:

Ease of Implementation

We develop a relationship with the members. Your clients’ human resources teams don’t have to learn how to implement and constantly engage the employees in using Telemedicine –– we do all of it. Implementing First Stop Health Telemedicine is simple, and we ensure the process goes smoothly by running it ourselves.

Our campaigns are customized to your client’s workforce. Our cycle starts to work immediately: onboarding, education, awareness and reinforcement. Every employee receives eight multi-media touches in the first 60 days, with further engagement throughout the year. This includes health and wellness tips, reminders on when and how to use their telemedicine benefits, and how much it will save them in out-of-pocket costs. This deep engagement campaign ensures telemedicine will become a part of their healthcare routine.

But don’t just take it from us –– hear it from our clients:

“Rolling out this new telemedicine benefit to our employees was seamless. From developing co-branded marketing pieces with us, to walking us through file transfer step-by-step, First Stop Health ushered us through the onboarding process with expertise and enthusiasm.” - Lindsay, client team member

“Our client is very happy with their decision to move forward with First Stop Health.  The service has been well received by their employees and the utilization is already exceeding expectations.” - Martin, benefits consultant

Ease of Use

First Stop Health is a service company, not an insurance company. We focus on engagement and we are the primary contact for your employees. But the second facet of our engagement is to make sure employees feel comfortable using our simple, easy platform. They should feel like they can begin using Telemedicine without complex or confusing training. Making their first call is as easy as dialing our 888 number!

We’ll work tirelessly year-round to make sure your employees stay happy, healthy and productive so that you don’t have to. Your clients can rest assured that we will help their employees see how easy and helpful their telemedicine benefits are.

"The service was great! It was really easy to use and I got a call from the doctor in about 5 minutes. He asked me some questions which gave him an idea of what was wrong and he prescribed me with medicine. I was feeling better in no time. Bottom line is that I would definitely use the service again and I have recommended it to other people." - Yosef, B&H Photo Video

Start Saving Immediately

Our clients have seen significant benefits from switching to First Stop Health overall, but the savings can start right away, not just during open enrollment.

Off-cycle implementation is simple, and sometimes easier than implementation during the busy season of enrollment. Companies don’t have to wait until next quarter or fiscal year to get the savings ball rolling.

For example, the charts to the right are from a 30-day impact summary from one of our recent clients.

Request a customized ROI report to see just how much First Stop Health could save your client––starting now. We can show you how each client could achieve similar results to the charts above, and start putting employee care at the front lines while they save on overall healthcare claims costs.

Originally published Mar 10, 2016 1:00:00 PM.