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Cheap and Easy Telemedicine Benefits Are a Waste of Your Money

“I saw a billboard here in Washington D.C. advertising vision correction surgery, and the billboard claimed that they have “the cheapest Lasik in town.” And I’m thinking, ‘If you’re going to be operating on my eyeballs with a laser beam, I don’t...

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What Are Cost-Containment Strategies? (Plus 3 Solutions for Your Clients)

First, let's start off with a definition.

Cost-containment strategies: the business practice of maintaining expense levels to prevent unnecessary spending or thoughtfully reducing expenses to improve profitability without long-term damage to the...

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Telemedicine: Your Personal Healthcare Companion

In 2014 Disney released Big Hero 6, an animated movie about a marshmallow-y caregiver powered by technology. Among the comedy and superhero stunts, Baymax (the robot) treats various ailments that befall his patient. Big Hero 6 brought to screen the...

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Pink Eye, Lice, and Strep. Oh My!

It seems like kids are constantly battling illnesses. Whether it’s the stomach bug being passed around the 2nd grade or runny noses, our little ones keep going ‘round and ‘round the merry-go-round of runny noses and sick days.

What's more, 39% of...

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How To Keep Employees Happy Without Breaking The Bank

Think back to 10 years ago. What did “employee benefits” mean? Healthcare, probably a 401k, maybe a parking spot––and that was about it. This was all before millennials entered the job market.

Flash forward to 2016. Google gives “20% time” to...

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Hear What Our Clients Say About Their Telemedicine Benefits Experience

First Stop Health is a service company at heart. We’re all about helping our clients and their employees––ensuring they have the best possible experience when it comes to their telemedicine benefits.

To provide that experience, First Stop Health...

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Brokers, Your Clients Should See Immediate Savings From Telemedicine Benefits

No––we’re not exaggerating with that title. Telemedicine can immediately start saving unnecessary costs for your clients. Their ability to implement off-cycle means savings begins whenever they start.

Our customized telemedicine engagement plan...

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Out With The Old, In with the New: Spring Cleaning Safety

Spring cleaning is a major phenomenon in the northern hemisphere. Closets are emptied, garages and attics purged, maybe even a floorboard scrub is thrown in––and people all around this half of the world are doing it around the same time.

Some just...

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The Latest News in Employee Benefits Trends

It’s no secret that healthcare costs have increased significantly in the past few years. Companies are demanding benefits that not only help reduce rising costs but provide quality patient care.

And good news for all of us: employee benefits trends

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