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Telemedicine and Electronic Health Records: Creating a Patient-Centric EHR System

Increasingly, the many difficulties created by electronic health records (EHRs) are a focus of discussion within the healthcare industry. As reforms for  improved physician usability are debated, it’s potentially valuable to recognize that the...

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Pack Your Meds

Vacation—a single word that brings with it the excitement of scenery change, a break from the daily grind, and the promise of a new adventure. Whether you’re traveling by road, sea, or air, getting away can be a therapeutic respite from your normal...

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A Cough That Won't Stop

When you think about SPEED, what comes to mind? A cheetah sprinting across the savannah? A bullet train speeding along the coast? A race car blurring past the finish line?

Few would imagine but the speed of a human cough can approach 500 miles per...

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Prepare Your Medicine Cabinet

What’s in your medicine cabinet? We sat down with Dr. Mark Friedman, First Stop Health’s Chief Medical Officer and a veteran emergency room physician, and he said there’s a critical item missing from most people’s medicine cabinets: a thermometer.


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Sick Days... Minimized

Flu season is here--the time of year employers dread. The unavoidable fact is that employees will become ill and work time will be missed. Sooner or later, all employers will be affected by lost time and productivity due to employee illness. But...

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Time to Get Your Flu Shot

The flu season is upon us again. Many people regard the flu as a minor annoyance, but this can be a mistake. Annual mortality from the influenza virus in the US is often significant. The 2009 swine flu pandemic resulted in some 12,470 deaths in the...

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Preventing Trips to the ER: Summer Safety from Frontline Providers

Pop quiz: Which of the following is not a real summer health hazard?

  1. Getting a foot parasite from not wearing shoes
  2. Eating a metal bristle from a BBQ grill brush
  3. Being attacked by a wild bear while hiking
  4. All of the above are real risks

D. The...

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The Real Risks of Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

 “Doctor, I cough until I vomit." The patient’s statement stopped me. This is a classic symptom of pertussis, also sometimes called "whooping cough." I had learned about it in medical school, but had never seen a case. It was a disease of the 19th...

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Amping Up Your New Workout Routine? Avoid (and Heal) Common Injuries

You’re on a treadmill daydreaming of dinner:

"Am I in the mood for fish? Is this more of a hearty salad kind of night? Maybe I’ll get Prosecco. It’s been a while since I’ve had some bubbly. Plus, I’m at the gym right now. I deserve a….”              
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