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Telemedicine: Healthcare Cost Savings that Make Employees Happy

Several recent surveys indicate that U.S. employers expect healthcare costs to increase between 5.0% and 6.5% in 2018.  As compared to the past several years, these projections reflect an upward increase in the rate of growth of healthcare costs

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Four Criteria for Choosing and Implementing a High Impact Employee Benefit

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is a central goal for corporate leaders and their human resources divisions.  In this ongoing battle, choosing and implementing high impact employee benefits play...

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29 Statistics You Need To Know About Healthcare & Telemedicine

The Telehealth Market: Size, Penetration & Potential Employer Cost Savings     

  1. Addressable Market: The total addressable market for non-emergency telemedicine visits in the United States is estimated at 400+ million, approximately one-third of the...
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How Telemedicine is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine is rapidly creating a fundamental transformation in how healthcare is delivered throughout the nation. In an earlier post, we discussed the exploding range of services that are enabled by telemedicine. In this post, we provide a...

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3 Things On-Site Clinics Can’t Do That Telemedicine Can

Employers have opened on-site medical clinics to help employees save time and money in seeking medical care for routine illness. It also saves employee’s time and money in getting treatment for everyday illnesses. They are convenient, affordable...

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An Employee Benefit Strategy For Offsetting Rising Healthcare Costs

Health insurance premiums increased for nine out of 10 employers last year, and 23% saw double-digit increases, according to Gallagher & Co.’s 2015 Benefits Strategy and Benchmarking survey.

For an employer to control their bottom line while...

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3 Reasons Telemedicine Can Be Implemented Year-round

In the flurry of benefits planning, open enrollment and the start of a new benefit year, some potential new benefits like telemedicine might not have made it to the top of the to-do list. While telemedicine addresses a modest portion of a...

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Top 3 Things HR Professionals Lose Sleep Over

At open enrollment time HR professionals are losing sleep, but mostly over their to-do list. Outside of open enrollment, the above image is a heat map of what HR professionals responded was most concerning to them. Let’s break down the top three...

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For some employers, telemedicine is living up to its potential. Are your clients among them?

As someone in the benefits industry, you didn’t need the Wall Street Journal article to tell you telemedicine is transforming health care. But you might also know that, unfortunately for the vast majority of employers who have telemedicine, it...

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